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Online Gambling Links for casino, bingo and poker

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:20 pm    Post subject: Online Gambling Links for casino, bingo and poker Reply with quote

Hi all,

Every webmaster in the online gambling industry knows that link building is a priority. Getting good sites to exchange links with is key to building your sites popularity and getting good ranking in search engines. Because of this there are now many so called SEO specialists that dedicate themselves to getting you good links to build your SERPs. In fact all these are are what I term as “link monkeys”. Mostly based in India and charging some poor unfortunate soul an arm and a leg to get their page higher in search results.

The unfortunate thing is that many people fall for their tricks and give links out just to get a link back. You will be approached, often with details of a link to your site that has been placed, or offering links from a high page rank page in return for you linking out. Be very careful. Not all is what it seems. Often you are lured into giving out much more than you are getting. Be very selective about who you give links to and don’t fall for stupid tricks in the free online casino links world.

If you are involved in link exchange, want free gambling links or are troubled by link exchange etiquette, I have many stories for you which can enlighten some of the tricks and culprits.. Here we go.

1. Today I was approached by a guy called Neal, reporting to be the webmaster of He was asking me to link to a and offering a reciprocal link in return at now this isn´t an online gambling site so I wasn´t really interested in any link exchange deal. But then I got another email from a guy called Garry, also reporting to be the webmaster of He wanted me to link to but was offering a link from in return. Again, not an online gambling site. When I actually checked both these link pages I noticed that they are in fact free links pages where you can add your gambling, casino, bingo or poker URL for free with no reciprocal link required. They are not even anything to do with They are just being cheeky and getting free links from you. The sites they offer are no good for linking to your online gambling website. If someone approaches you asking you to link to I would advise not to exchange links. If you already have a link to on your site my suggestion would be to remove it. These guys are not webmasters they are link monkeys from India.

2. Another group of link monkey sharks from India (I think) are those offering you reciprocal links from pages such as and etc. You will get emails from various people and email addresses asking for you to link to a number of different sites. Over the last 2 weeks I have been asked to link to, and All times they have offered the same sites in return. These guys are link monkeys and what they offer in return is of very little value. I already have links to my site from the sites they specify and can therefore offer me nothing new in return, yet they keep emailing me asking me to link to another casino in return for links I already have, they do not keep a record of who they contact, what links they have given and taken etc. which I find unprofessional. I would suggest that you don´t get involved as it will end up wasting a lot of your time. If you have links like this, get rid of them.

3. From India we move to Israel. There are some so called gambling webmasters that come from this area and are after links to a few sites – namely, and It all sounds promising until you actually get round to the nuts and bolts of the link exchange and you find you are being offered links from a page that is not so good. By then you will have put the outbound links on your site and they will be stalling about putting links to you on their site. All in all it is a complete waste of time and you will always be on the raw end of the deal. In fact, if you link to any of their sites I wouldn´t be surprised if the links they gave you in return have gone missing. Don´t link to these sites if you are approached by these cowboys.

4. One more for you. We are off back to India where I can introduce you to the team that call every one webamsters, instead of webmasters. The emails come from different names and email addresses but all have the same look and they are all the same people. They have an email template that says that they have added your site link to a page and would you kindly link back to a site that they suggest. I have been asked to link to a number of sites including – and On all occasions the link they have placed to my site is completely out of context and has been placed on a free links directory that is not even theirs. You could add your link to the pages yourself for free without having to give away a reciprocal link. This is rude and completely unethical. Do not add links on to your site. If you have links on your site from this type of contact then remove them. The links they give back to you are worthless.

That´s about it for now. I am sure I will have more to report in the very near future. If you have any stories about unethical link practices why not signup to this forum and post them here. That way we can make online casino link exchange and advertising a much easier place for everyone by setting some ground rules and getting rid of the rogue link monkeys.

If you are the owner of any site that I have mentioned here, I am not personally attacking your sites. Your sites are probably very good with excellent content for online gamblers. I am just highlighting the way that perhaps many of your links have been obtained. If you are the owners of the sites you will either not give a damn or be slightly concerned. I would be slightly concerned. You will soon discover that using these companies to get you links was not such a good idea, the practices they use will give your site a bad name and potentially ruin your reputation.

If you want to join me in starting the “good gambling and casino links ring”, including bingo and poker, and get together a good group of sites that all work together to help promote each other properly then email the administrator of this forum.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.

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